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Getting Outcomes Your Way

It will be your choice to measure patient outcomes with FOTO or legacy outcome measures.

Outcomes Your Way with FOTO Patient Outcomes

In order to provide effective treatment at the point-of-care, therapists must be equipped with the right tools that enhance their ability to treat patients. By leveraging point-of-care technology, therapists can significantly improve patient care, and their overall efficiency.

With the ability to choose how you measure patient outcomes, your patients, therapists, and overall clinic will benefit:

  • Reduce burden and time on therapists and patients. Complete FOTO and legacy assessments from the same FOTO application so they are digitally scored and documented in the EHR.

  • Gain more flexibility in training staff. Therapists can choose to use familiar legacy outcome measures. This gives you time to create and execute a plan to implement FOTO outcome measures for your entire facility.

  • Bring more patients through your doors. Market how your clinic compares against your peers through benchmarking based on the largest database of outpatient rehab therapy outcomes.

  • Expand your payer network and negotiate higher reimbursement rates with current payer partnerships, ultimately boosting your revenue.

FOTO allows you to leverage the power of rehab therapy's most advanced patient outcomes measurements. No other solution gives you the ability to access the largest database of rehab therapy patient outcomes that are risk-adjusted for standardized benchmarking so you can prove just how great your clinic is at getting patients better faster.