On-Demand Webinar

Driving Patient Direct Access Referrals in a Post-COVID Setting

Learn how to rebuild patient volumes and drive referrals

Check out this webinar to see how to:

  • Increase patient direct access referrals. Healthcare consumers are more proactive than ever before when it comes to choosing a clinician, and they are selecting based on others' reported experiences.
  • Grow your online presence & position. Make it easy for patients to find you and know what to expect with Marketing Suite Platinum, including Reputation Management with Local Search.
  • Obtain positive reviews from your patients - and lots of them. When patients have a good experience with treatment at your clinic, allow them to speak for themselves. First-hand experience is exactly what healthcare consumers are looking for as they identify preferred clinicians online. 

Focus more of your time and energy on what you do best - high quality patient care. Let Marketing Suite Platinum help your community know how great you are!